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Who we are

Rive-Gauche Concerti is a musical association active since 1986. It promotes the “classical” music of the twentieth century and contemporary in its disparate variations, especially if combined with social aspects and other forms of art (from visual-art to soundtracks museum with “foto-musica con foto-suoni”). Among the objectives, not taking the outcome of a research for granted.

It regularly hosts internationally renowned artists and ensembles, collaborating with the most prestigious Italian and foreign institutions. It produces concerts through organic series, and at the same time dialectical, in Piedmont and Liguria and, since 1997, also through the tours of the Duo Alterno across the five continents. Alongside concerts, workshops and masterclasses, CD productions, ateliers, research projects and “sonorizzazioni” for museums.


Founded by the composer and pianist Riccardo Piacentini, Rive-Gauche Concerti has been established with regular statute in 1988, having for the purpose the promotion of the "classical" music of the twentieth century and contemporary with particular regard for the interaction between different forms of art (literature , figurative art, photography, video-art, etc.). The typology of its programming has so far been expressed in seven forms: concerts, workshops (close encounters between the public and artists), seminars, research and conventions, CD productions, “foto-musica con foto-suoni”© per sonorizzazioni.

Among the most significant events of its 33 years of activity:
• 9 museum soundtracks, from the photographic exhibition by Mario Gabinio (Turin, GAM, winter 1996/97) to the VIII and IX International Biennial of Photography (Turin, Palazzo Bricherasio, 1999 and 2001), to the Railway Museum of Bussoleno (2003), the mines of Traversella and the Reggia di Venaria Reale (2004), followed by the biennial research New museum languages ​​- Soundtracks (2005/6), in collaboration with HoldenArt, and the publication of the book I suoni delle cose. Poetry of the photo-sound between Philosophy, E (ste) tica and Music (Curci, Milan, 2011) with presentations in Turin - MiTo Festival and International Book Fair, Bologna - DMS, Venice - La Fenice Theater, Warsaw - IIC, New York - IIC, Los Angeles - REDCAT, Rome - Conservatory, Padua - La Feltrinelli; other soundtracks for Borgata Paraloup (2014-15), Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin (for Milan Rasla exhibition, 2016), Giuseppe Scalvini Museum of Villa Tittoni Traversi in Desio (for Silvana Castellucchio exhibition, 2018);
• 33 annual concert seasons: the last 22 titled Musiche in mostra, between 1997 and 2003 in the spaces of FIF Fondazione Italina per la Fotografia, from 2004 to 2012 at GAM Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Turin in collaboration with Fondazione Torino Musei, from 2013 to 2016 at Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti, with further fundamental collaborations with ABNUT - Friends of the National University Library of Turin, Circolo Filarmonico Astigiano, Associations "Antithesis" of Acqui Terme and "Pasquale Anfossi" of Genoa, State Conservatories of Alessandria, Cuneo and Turin, Istituto per i Beni Marionettistici e il Teatro Popolare, Museo del Paesaggio Sonoro;
• realization of the sacred opera Mal'akhim (Turin, Duomo, 1998, Church of San Lorenzo, 2000) with the setting up of Teatro Regio on the idea of ​​direction by Sylvano Bussotti and the full broadcast by national RAI;
• production of over 20 CDs - including La crava mangia 'l muri - A CD for Piedmont (DAT-Stradivarius, 1997), Mal'akhim (New Era, 1999), Music for Pellizza da Volpedo (Nuova Era, 2000) ), The contemporary voice in Italy - vol. I, II, III, IV, V, VI (Stradivarius, 2005/2014) and The Crepuscular Voice - Nocturnal and Serenades of the 20th century (Stradivarius 2011), 4 CDs with first engravings by Giorgio Federico Ghedini, Alfredo Casella and Franco Alfano ( Nuova Era 2000/1/2/4) and 6 CDs of "photo-music with photo-sounds" ©;
• workshops and seminars with Ennio Morricone, Franco Donatoni, Sylvano Bussotti, Giacomo Manzoni, Arcema Ensemble de Paris, Penderecki String Quartet of Toronto, Bryan Johanson, Curt Cacioppo, Jeremy Bell, Ivo Nilsson, Magnus Andersson, etc .;
• 6 conferences - study days: Music of today and spirituality (Turin, Teatro Regio, 2000), The contemporary voice in Italy (Cuneo - Sala San Giovanni, Teatro Toselli, Fondazione Delfino, 2006/7/11, in collaboration with the Nuto Revelli Foundation), La voce delle cose (Riva at Chieri - Palazzo Grosso, 2012, in collaboration with the Museo del Paesaggio Sonoro), La voce e il soffio (Turin - Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, 2014).

Since February 1997, Rive-Gauche Concerti has also worked abroad with concerts and master classes of Duo Alterno (Tiziana Scandaletti soprano, Riccardo Piacentini composer and pianist). Tours on five continents: Algeria (2016), Argentina (1998, 2004), Australia (2004/8/10), Austria (2007/14/16), Azerbaijan (2014/15), Belgium (2002/5), Brazil (2012/16), Canada (1997, 2003/8/9/13/14), China (2002/7/8/10/15), Guatemala City (2016), Korea (2001), Croatia (2014) , Denmark (1999, 2008/16), Ethiopia (2010), Finland (1998/9, 2010/15), France (2001/10/15), Germany (2007/8/9/12/13/16/17 / 18), Japan (2006/7/16), Hong Kong (2011/15/16), India (2004), Indonesia (2001/4/15), Kazakhstan (2001), Latvia (2009), Lithuania (2009 ), Malta (2011), Mongolia (2007/10), Norway (1999, 2002), the Netherlands (2005/14), Peru (2012), Poland (2011/12), the Czech Republic (10.29.2009) ), United Kingdom (2001/13), Russia (2005/9/14), Serbia (2008/10/12), Singapore (2001/2/3/10/15), Slovakia (2015), Slovenia (2014) , Spain (2011), United States (2000/3/5/6/7/8/9/10/12/13/14/18), Sweden (1999, 2008/15), Switzerland (2013), Thailand ( 2015), Turkey (2005/16), Ukraine (2009), Hungary (2011/14), Uzbekistan (1998/9), Venezuela (2012/16).



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